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Yoga and Babysitting in Old Town Tustin!


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Single Class Drop-in:


Class Packages:
-5 Class Package: $75 ($15/class)
-10 Class Package: $130 ($13/class)
-20 Class Package: $220 ($11/class)

*all class packages purchased through Yoga Squared will not expire. Please read the fine print on promotional packages purchased through a third party provider.

Auto-pay Memberships: See us in studio for these!
-18 and over: $85/mo

(Best deal if you practice 2x per week or more!)
-Youth Membership (11-17 years old): $55/mo w/o adult membership
-Youth Add-On Membership: $45/mo

Unlimited Packages:

-1 Month Unlimited Yoga: $100 (no babysitting)
-1 Month Unlimited Yoga: $125 (with babysitting)
-Unlimited Yoga 1-year: $850 (no babysitting)
-Unlimited Yoga 1-year: $1,050 (with babysitting)

Babysitting (kids aged 6 months to 7 years:)
-Unlimited Auto-Pay babysitting, 1 child: $27
-Unlimited Auto-Pay babysitting, up to 3 children: $32
-Babysitting Drop-in, 1 child: $9
-Babysitting Drop-in, up to 3 children: $15

1 hour Private Sessions: 
-Single Session: $80/hr
-3 Session pack: $225 ($75/hr)
-6 Session pack: $390 ($65/hr)

 *No scheduled babysitting at these hours; babysitting can be arranged for an additional fee

Curious about Corporate Yoga? contact Casey at to coordinate your company's wellness package!