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Yoga and Babysitting in Old Town Tustin!


How early should I arrive for class?

In order to maintain a safe and peaceful experience for everyone, we recommend arriving at least 5 minutes BEFORE the start of class.  If you plan on using the babysitting service, we strongly recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to give you and your children time to get settled in.  For your safety and quality of experience, there is no admittance into class after 5 minutes after start time.

Ummmm... How do I get up here?

We know our entrance can be a little tricky to find!  Our entrance is on 2nd street to the right of the El Camino Cafe.  You'll be able to access our 2nd floor location via stairwell or elevator, located on the left side of the driveway!

I'm not very flexible.  Can I still do yoga?

Yes, yes, and YES!  Believe it or not, flexibility is NOT a requirement to do yoga.  Flexibility is a side effect of a regular yoga practice.  Keep coming to class and you'll begin to see improvement in your flexibility and strength in no time!

Yoga Newbie here.. which classes would you recommend for a beginner?

We have several options available that are appropriate for beginner students!  Listed from the most gentle to most active (but all still beginner friendly!):

-Grounding Flow 


-All Levels Flow

Click here to view class descriptions!

Looking for something super gentle?  Check out our Feldenkrais classes in the Events tab!

Ok, so it's my first time trying yoga.  What do I bring to class?

You'll only need a few simple things to enjoy your first yoga class.  You'll want to make sure you bring some water, a yoga mat, and perhaps a towel.  If you don't have a mat, we do have some studio mats available for you to use.  We have plenty of storage space for your shoes, purses, and gym bags.  Just make sure your cell phone is silenced inside of them! :) 

What kind of offers do you have for new students?

We offer a stellar deal for new students to our studio!  New students can try us for 3 weeks for $30! During this time, babysitting is complimentary.  

I don't plan on using the babysitting service.  Do I still have to pay for it?

No.  We understand that babysitting is a service not everyone needs.  That is why we separate our membership/class package pricing from our babysitting pricing.  To check out our competitive pricing, click here.

I do plan on utilizing yoga squared's babysitting service.  Tell me more!

Please see our Babysitting FAQs here!

I'm really interested in yoga teacher training.  Do you offer a Yoga Alliance Certified program?

Yes!  yoga squared is the proud home of Shanti Shanti Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Shanti Shanti Yoga School has been turning out top-notch teachers since its founding in 2010.  yoga squared hosts two intimate teacher training programs per year with its experienced faculty.  If you are interested in our teacher training program, please click here.